The Cost of an Extra Bedroom

The Cost of an Extra Bedroom

  • 01/18/16
Question: What is the price per bedroom ($/BR) in Arlington?
This is a GREAT question and I’ve been looking forward to answering since early December. Before I jump into the data, I want to point out that giving a dollar-value is impossible on such a large scale because $/BR is relative to the cost/type of home, so instead of a dollar value, I discuss the % increase to add a bedroom in order to normalize the data.

Cost of a Condo Bedroom

I compared one and two-bedroom condo sales within high rises with at least thirty sales since 2008 and a healthy balance of one and two-bedroom sales. Thirty-nine buildings made the cut, with 1,748 one-bedroom and 1,616 two-bedroom sales representing the data. Instead of lumping all one and two-bedrooms together and taking the average, I calculated % difference within each building first and averaged them together (thank god for pivot tables!).


  • The average two-bedroom condo costs 52.6% more than a comparable one-bedroom (standard deviation of 16.6%)

  • 88% of the time a second bedroom also comes with a second bathroom

  • The average two-bedroom condo is 421 square feet larger than a one-bedroom

  • The cheapest buildings to add a bedroom are Ballston 880 in VA Square/Ballston (16.1% increase) and Tower Villas in VA Square (20.4% increase)

  • The most expensive buildings to add a bedroom are Waterview in Rosslyn (81.8%) and Horizon House in Pentagon City (83.8%)

  • The relative cost to add a bedroom was almost identical in North and South Arlington, although the dollar value increases significantly in North Arlington

Cost of a Detached/Single Family Home Bedroom

I chose to compare Craftsman style homes because they’re the most popular home design in Arlington right now and are mostly newer builds/renovations with similar quality (good for data). In all, there have been 495 Craftsman-style homes sold in Arlington in the last 10 years. 94% of those sales were for three, four, or five-bedroom homes (22%, 56%, and 16% respectively), so this is where we’ll focus.


  • Adding a fourth bedroom costs an average of 28.5% more than a comparable three-bedroom

  • Adding a fifth bedroom costs and average of 10.5% more than a comparable four-bedroom

  • The cost difference closely tracks the increase in square footage, with a 22.6% and 7.3% increase in square footage between three and four-bedroom and four and five-bedroom homes, respectively

  • The 22201, 22205, and 22207 zip codes were responsible for 82% of the total Craftsman sales volume (last 10 years) with average sale prices of $1.16M, $1.43M, and $1.56M for three, four, and five-bedroom homes, respectively
I also found that the relative cost to add a bedroom remained consistent over the last 10 years, despite the dollar value increasing as home prices go up.
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