First Time Home Buyers

Plan. Simplify. Execute.

Buying your first home is an exciting, yet daunting milestone. Our hands-on approach starts with education, simplifies the process, and leaves you feeling confident in your purchase. The Eli Residential Group is committed to ensuring you are not only making the right decision today but the right decision for your future. We accept clients who are in the earliest stages of planning their home purchase, so reach out today and start planning for tomorrow.


Experienced Home Buyers

Strategize. Personalize. Adapt.

Your needs and expectations are different than they were when you bought your first home. Whether it’s a strategy for selling or renting your current home, balancing divergent criteria of different family members, or right-sizing into a home with less maintenance; we have you covered. Our team is committed to helping you reach your goals and adapt to unexpected changes in your timeline, budget, and/or criteria.




Whether you are a beginner who needs an investment strategy or an expert who needs off-market access and execution of your strategy, we have you covered.

The Home Buying Process

We are here to educate and advise you to help you find the perfect home that meets your budget and unique tastes.

Step 1: Home Search Kickoff

Consultation and Criteria

We meet, get to know each other, answer your questions, discuss your criteria, and review the buying process and standard contracts.

Lender Pre-Approval or Proof of Funds

A qualified Loan Officer collects financial info, runs credit, and determines how much you can borrow, and we discuss how this compares to the amount you’re comfortable spending. We are happy to recommend great, local lenders.

Representation Agreement

No matter who you work with, make sure you and your agent sign a Buyer Representation Agreement to ensure that your agent is bound to represent your interests and discloses any fees or commissions you might be responsible for.

Your Team

You will have multiple levels of agents supporting your search, a lender, title company, and access to our excellent roster of inspectors, contractors, and other ancillary services.

Step 2: Property Tours

Property Search

We set a property search and identification approach that works best for you to provide access to all on-market properties as well as a large pool of pre-market properties as well.

  • You'll receive MLS listings from me based on our discussions.
  • You'll receive MLS listings from me based on our discussions.


We provide access to every property on the market. No open house needed. Days, nights, and weekends!

Step 3: Offer

Standard Contract or Builder Contract

Unless you buy new construction, contracts are standardized and fair for the buyer and seller. All documents can be signed electronically.

Offer Strategy

We will provide you with the critical inputs and advice necessary to prepare an offer strategy that reflects market conditions and your interest in a particular property.

  • Price: How much you’re offering to pay for the property.
  • Seller Credits: You can negotiate to have Sellers pay up to 100 of your closing costs.
  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD): Usually 2-3% of sale price, adjusted based on offer strategy, and is credited back to you at closing.
  • Contingencies: Big Three are Inspection, Financing, and Appraisal.
  • Escalation Clause: May be used in competitive situations when appropriate to maximize the strength of an offer.
  • “Love Letters”: Effectiveness varies and is unpredictable, but can provide buyers an edge in some competitive scenarios.


We will explain the pros and cons of changes to offer terms and make sure you get the best deal, relative to your individual needs.


Once all parties agree to terms, Buyer and Seller sign off, and a legal contract to purchase is made.

Step 4: Under Contract

Loan Application

Choose a lender and apply for your loan. We are happy to recommend great, local lenders


Usually within 3-5 days of ratification

Home Inspection

Depending on property type and inspection services, budget $500-$1000 for most inspections


Expect to pay ~$500-$700+ to the lender. High value or specialized loans can carry higher appraisal costs

Association Document Review (HOA/condo only)

The Seller is obligated to provide specific documents about the Association including by-laws, budgets, and Reserve Study. You will have a 3-5 day review period with the right to void during that time

Pre-settlement Checklist

We will send you a comprehensive list of pre-settlement tasks including things like utility transfer, address change reminders, and home warranty consideration

Final Walk-Through

We’ll ensure the property is being transferred in the condition we expect it to be in. It is common in the DMV for all appliances, including washer/dryer, to remain with the property


Required Funds

Prior to closing you will need to provide funds to the Title Company via wire or cashiers check equal to the down payment plus closing costs (usually 2.5-3.5% of purchase price) less EMD amount

Rent-back (elective)

In some cases, a Seller may negotiate to rent the property back from you after closing which allows them to remain in the property after it’s sold for a specified period of time

Closing Day

We meet at the title office, review documents, sign, and close!



Buyer Info Sheet

Help us get to know a little more about your needs so we can better help you in your home search.


Work With Us

Whether you are searching for your first home, ready for more space, seeking an investment, or looking to right-size for less maintenance, Eli Residential Group are here to provide you expert advice and personalized service every step of the way.