Poll: Why Do You Own a Home (or Want to Own)?

Poll: Why Do You Own a Home (or Want to Own)?

  • 10/23/23

What is Your Why?

Any way you slice it these days, it’s tough to be a buyer. Your selection of homes available for sale is lower than usual because so few homes are being listed for sale and mortgage rates are the highest they’ve been since ~2000, but prices (and competition) remain high and are unlikely to fall because of tight supply.
Most of the conversation around the advantages of homeownership focuses on the financial benefits – wealth/equity accumulation, appreciation, tax incentives, etc but those financial incentives have weakened over the last 12-14 months for many buyers but there are plenty of non-financial reasons people have for wanting to own their home like stability, greater choice, control over your environment, and fulfilling personal goals.


What is the primary reason you own or want to own a home?
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Non-Financial Considerations

The conversation around homeownership vs renting must include the financial pros and cons, but too often the non-financial reasons don’t get enough attention. For example, I often find that people in a transitional period in their lives do not properly value the flexibility of renting. That flexibility can even turn into a financial benefit as well.
On the flip side, I rarely hear people factor in the importance of being able to control their environment when they’re weighing homeownership. You are a product of your environment and being able to invest in the improvements and maintenance that are important to you can have a significant effect on your day-to-day happiness and well-being.
If I missed your primary reason for home ownership in the poll, please add yours to the comment section.
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