How an Organized Garage Helps Sell Your Home

How an Organized Garage Helps Sell Your Home

  • 06/16/19
During home sale preparations, one of the most overlooked spaces in a home is the garage. I’ve shown many homes where owners have packed their garage full of furniture, toys, and boxes in an attempt to clear out the rest of their home, not realizing that a clean, organized garage can have a huge impact on their resale value.
I asked Laura Johnson at Garage Design Source to detail how important your garage is to maximizing your resale value. Garage Design Source helps homeowners in the DC area organize their garages through customizable garage storage solutions.
If you’re looking to add a finishing touch to your home that attracts buyers and adds appeal, the garage is the best place to start. According to this study, 85% of homebuyers are looking for garage storage space. If homebuyers walk into an unorganized and cluttered garage, “extra storage space” won’t be checked off their wish list.
We’ve compiled three ways having an organized garage can help sell your home, and how to achieve garage envy that goes beyond just the garage door.

1.) Extra Storage Appears Achievable

Homebuyers that are looking for extra storage space won’t feel confined to storage closets and pantries when garage storage options are clearly visible. Organizing and adopting a storage system allows the potential buyer to see the storage possibilities your garage has to offer. Decluttered space makes an area appear larger, a great way to add appeal.
Garage conversions are on the rise in popularity and many homeowners are looking to convert their garages into additional rooms. In-home gyms, in-home offices, and many other conversions are common among homeowners. If a potential buyer is looking for more space your home has to offer, but can clearly see the garage potential, that might be your saving grace.

2.) Parking Space

According to the US Department of Energy, 1 in 4 Americans say their garage is too cluttered to fit their car. Chances are, your potential homebuyer may not have been able to fit their car inside their current garage. Showing a spacious garage helps the homebuyer see the parking potential. Your home can be their ray of hope for in-garage parking.
If you’re located in an area that has frequent snowfall during the winter, this is especially important. In addition to indoor parking, adding a garage heating system adds an extra perk to the garage. If you’re located in an area of extreme heat, adding an AC system to your garage can also be a great feature to add buyer appeal.

3.) Functionality & Customizability

Unlike other rooms in a home, the garage is typically low (if not completely missing) on the home tour list. A custom garage storage system and gives you the chance to show off the design potential of the garage. Through color and added functionality, your garage can easily become a home tour destination. A Thompsons Company study showed that over half of Americans want to have a garage their neighbors’ envy- allowing your garage the potential to shine could be the tipping edge for potential homebuyers. If any part of your garage is unfinished (paint is missing etc.) consider giving your garage some TLC and tie up the loose ends. Homebuyers, when they walk into the garage, should feel they are entering another room in the house. You wouldn’t allow a room to go unfinished inside your home, would you?
If your garage appeal is lacking, your selling chances are too! A clean, organized garage completes your home tour and adds value to potential buyers. Anytime a space is more organized, it appears larger and more usable. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged by a messy garage.


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