Buying your first home is an exciting, yet daunting milestone. Our hands-on approach starts with education, simplifies the process, and leaves you feeling confident in your purchase. The Eli Residential Group is committed to ensuring you are not only making the right decision today, but the right decision for your future. We accept clients who are in the earliest stages of planning their home purchase, so reach out today and start planning for tomorrow.


Your needs and expectations are different than they were when you bought your first home. Whether it’s a strategy for selling or renting your current home, balancing divergent criteria of different family members, or right-sizing into a home with less maintenance; we have you covered. Our team is committed to helping you reach your goals and adapt to unexpected changes in your timeline, budget, and/or criteria.


Jake Ryon is a loan officer serving homebuyers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Like us, Jake believes his role is to educate and advise his clients. Our clients rave about the quality of his service and the wide range of mortgage products he offers at industry-leading interest rates.

His financing options include popular programs like DC Open Doors, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo loans, and Mortgage Insurance-free loans with less than 20% down. 


Ken is a licensed inspector in Virginia and Washington DC and has performed over 3,000 home inspections in his career. We love working with Ken because, aside from having a an impressive eye for flaws, he is able to explain issues in a way everybody can understand, provides guidance on the right solution, and offers his expertise for years after your home purchase.

Before becoming an inspector, Ken was in construction for over 25 years both in America and his home country of England. As a General Contractor in Virginia, Ken knows his way around a house and prides himself in keeping up with continual education in the inspection field to help people understand homes.


Owner, Justin Kennedy is a licensed General Contractor in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland offering home improvement services ranging from updating a bathroom to full-scale remodeling to expanding your home outward or upward. Justin offers walk-through services to our clients before they make an offer, to provide guidance on project cost and feasibility.