Are you Informed about Real Estate (Reader Poll)?

I would love to hear more from you in comments or by email ( about your opinions on the availability of good real estate content – national or local market information, investing, best practices/how-to, etc. Whether it’s content you’d like to see here in my column or content you wish you could access from other sources, I’d love to hear!

Question #1: Are you informed on the real estate market?

A1: Yes, I seek out information and data regularly
A2: Somewhat, the news I follow includes enough to keep me informed
A3: Not really, I occasionally hear/read the headlines
A4: No, I don’t get any exposure to real estate news or information

Question #2: Are you happy with the real estate information/news you receive?

A1: Yes, I get exposure to the type and amount of real estate information I want
A2: No, I get real estate information but it’s not what I want
A3: No, it’s hard to find real estate information

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