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property Maintenance:

  • Handle all tenant correspondence and inquiries; preventative maintenance and daily work order requests

  • Provide multiple estimates for repair work to property owner from trusted contractors

  • Inspect property after major repairs

  • 24/7 on call emergency phone line and messaging service

  • Inspect property every six to twelve months to ensure tenants are in compliance with the lease agreement

  • Ensure all vendors are licensed, bonded, and insured

Monthly Accounting:

  • Pay monthly mortgage payment or other payments on property owner's behalf (i.e. condo association fees, utilities, or maintenance contracts)

  • Direct deposit monthly net rent income into property owner’s bank account

  • Email or mail property owner’s monthly income/ expense statement

  • Provide year end income/ expense statement

Tenant Transition and Security Deposit Redistribution:

  • Provide a detailed move-in inspection to document the condition of the property prior to tenants taking possession of the home

  • Provide a detailed move-out inspection of the property upon lease termination and tenants vacating

  • Collect estimates and coordinate any repairs that will be deducted from tenant’s security deposit

  • Return security deposit less any deductions to previous tenants

  • Ensure all utilities in the property remain on if property is vacant between tenants

  • Prepare property to move in ready condition for new lease term



  • Management Fee - 8% of the rent collected

  • Administrative Start Up Fee - $200 one time start up fee

  • Lease Renewal Fee - $200 Lease renewal fee collected the start date of the extended lease term

  • Repair Reserve - $500 deposit that will be returned upon termination of Property Management agreement