• Consultation: We meet, get to know each other, I answer your questions, explain key milestone/contracts, and you decide if you'd like me to represent you.
  • Info Sheet: We discuss your search criteria, timeline, and budget.
  • Financing Pre-Approval: A qualified Loan Officer collects basic financial info and determines how much you can borrow and we discuss how this compares to the amount you're comfortable spending. Happy to recommend great, local lenders.
  • Property Search: I'll compile a list of properties that meet your criteria and budget.
  • Representation Agreement: No matter who you work with, make sure you and your agent sign a Buyer Representation Agreement to ensure that your agent is bound to represent your best interests at all times. Do not enter a property transaction without this agreement!
  • Property Tours: I provide access to every property on the market. No Open House needed. Days, nights, and weekends.
  • Purchase Offer: When you find the perfect place, we'll discuss offer price and other key terms, and I'll prepare and submit the offer contract. All signatures can be done electronically from any device.
  • Negotiations: In most cases, Buyer and Seller will enter into a negotiation period. I will work closely with you to explain the pros and cons of changes to offer terms and make sure you get the best deal, relative to your individual needs.
  • Ratification: Once all parties agree to terms, Buy and Seller sign the final offer, and a legal contract to purchase is made.
  • Earnest Money Deposit: In the contract, you agree to deposit a sum of money into escrow that will be applied against what you owe for the purchase.
  • Loan Application: Choose a lender and apply for your loan. Happy to recommend great, local lenders.
  • Home Inspection: It is common for Buyers to have a qualified Home Inspector assess the property they are purchasing to identify any issues from problems with the foundation, to plumbing, to bad outlets. Depending on the terms of the contract, Buyers have multiple courses of action after the inspection that we will discuss. Happy to recommend great inspectors.
  • Settlement/Closing: Bring money owed, your ID, and yourself, and after some signatures, you're officially a home owner!
  • Move-In: Be sure to transfer utilities, internet/cable service, and change the locks! Congratulations!